The Nanaimo Area Public Safety Association (NAPSA) is a volunteer led not-for-profit organization. We are registered under the BC Societies Act (S0077729).

We fundraise to recover the costs of administering this organization, maintenance of the website, hosting events, and advocacy and educational programming.

Fundraising is done primarily through hosting events, collecting membership dues, and accepting philanthropic donations (any amount is welcome!) in support of our ongoing advocacy efforts (press, reports, interviews, letters, presentations, meetings).

We accept donations and sponsorships through PayPal and email money transfer (

We know that Nanaimo has many short and long term needs on many fronts (health care, affordable housing, food security, mental health and addiction care, human rights, truth & reconciliation). We believe that our society cannot function effectively if the large majority of people feel unsafe and insecure.

There are many organizations working for a healthier and better future, and we are humbled and honoured to work amongst them.