WE SUPPORT the RCMP, Public and Private Security Services, and Bylaw Enforcement. WE SUPPORT the Fire Department and Emergency Responders. WE SUPPORT the application of health care policies and principles that protect law-abiding citizens. WE SUPPORT, with compassion and without prejudice, those struggling with mental health challenges. WE SUPPORT public access to mental health services, treatment and recovery programs, and affordable/subsidized housing. WE SUPPORT PUBLIC SAFETY AND SECURITY.

WE OPPOSE “catch & release” judicial policies and practices for repeat offenders and those at high risk to re-offend. WE OPPOSE unregulated, unsupervised administration or consumption of listed, illicit substances that impair long-term health and well-being of drug users. WE OPPOSE crimes of addiction as they impact law-abiding citizens. WE OPPOSE organizations and governmental policies that systemically place the burden and impacts of social disorder on surrounding communities, individuals, property owners, and businesses. WE OPPOSE PUBLIC INSECURITY.

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